shit-talking anime, games, and life in general.

I write various types of fiction, most of which leans in the direction of either sci-fi or fantasy, and occasionally urban fantasy or other genres. Under the Lily Lancaster name, I write all of these, but always with lesbian / yuri themes.

My main works at the moment are a big series called Starlight Dreamers (Japanese-style idols, lesbian erotic romance, positive future setting), a far future setting simply known as the Star Empire (year 3000, grittier, multiple stories including space opera), and some shorter stories on the side.

Click / Tap the banner above to go to Lilycoven, my lesfic site where you’ll find all my currently published books.

As with my lesfic pen name, I write primarily sci-fi and fantasy under the Benjamin T. Matthews name, but with none of the lesbian themes. Currently I have no books published under this name, but I do have a couple of projects underway.

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