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浜崎あゆみ (Hamasaki Ayumi)

Debuting in 1998, Ayu has been an incredibly powerful force in the Japanese pop scene for over two decades and is still going strong. Her music covers just about every genre you can imagine, and her live events are simply stunning. Choosing just one song to represent her is basically impossible, so I’ll simply go with one of my favourites (below).

梶浦由記 (Kajiura Yuki)

Kajiura Yuki is responsible for some of the very best anime soundtracks to have graced our screens/ears. She also creates her own original albums, which are equally awesome. In my opinion, the Mai Hime soundtrack is probably still her very best work, hence why I’m using Mezame below.

妖精帝國 (Yousei Teikoku)

One of my favourite acts for a long time now, Yousei Teikoku have a unique sound and explore a variety of styles in their music. They’ve also done soundtracks, including the main theme song from the Mai Otome PS2 fighting game, Mai-Otome Butou Shi, and several tracks for the Mai Hime Visual Novel, Unmei no Keitouju, and the theme song from the anime, Renkin 3-kyuu Magical Poka~n (below).

島みやえい子 (Shimamiya Eiko)

Well known for her stellar music, Eiko might be best known for her work on Higarashi no Naku Koro ni. She has more up her sleeve than just the OP/ED songs from that series, though, and also created the fantastic Castle of Sand for the visual novel, Aka. Higurashi is the obvious choice as an example of her music, so you’re getting Castle of Sand instead ;p


Origa was a Russian singer responsible for some truly breathtaking music, and her voice and style were utterly unique. She passed away from cancer in 2015 🙁 Probably best known for her incredible contribution to the Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex theme song, Inner Universe, but she also worked on her own original music, as well as other soundtracks such as the game, Ar nosurge, and the amazing anime, Fantastic Children. The song below is one of her songs from Ar nosurge, and might be my favourite of all.

志方あきこ (Shikata Akiko)

Similar to Origa, Shikata Akiko is well known for having an utterly unique style to her singing. Honestly, I couldn’t even begin to describe it. You have to hear it for yourself. She’s responsible for a variety of music and soundtracks, including Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Ar Tonelico, and Ciel nosurge, as well as her own original albums.


Angela have a veritable plethora of awesome music, including a bunch of kickass OP and ED themes for various anime. One of my favourite shows (Stellvia of the Universe) has one of my favourite OP themes (video below) and one of my favourite ED themes, both courtesy of angela. Good stuff.

黒崎真音 (Kurosaki Maon)

Kurosaki Maon composed a number of tracks for the zombie anime, Highschool of the Dead, among other things. Honestly, her music speaks for itself, so check out this track from Highschool.

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