shit-talking anime, games, and life in general.

Hey there, I’m Radkatsu, or Rad for short. I’m an author of various types of fiction, but mostly sci-fi and fantasy in a number of flavours. I’m also an incorrigible nitpicker, hence the need for this site.

My journey to becoming an author started in 2014 when I began writing in earnest. After a year or so, I’d committed some 600,000 words of literary massacre (I like my early work, but it wasn’t very good; being a noob will do that). Over the next year after that, I refined my ability and style, and fixed up most of those 600k words into something substantially better.

Around 2016 I started publishing to Amazon and learning all of their monolithic and obtuse systems. It was also around here that I started getting quite tired of the growing trend in movies and other mediums to have an emphasis on Mary Sue characters and other bullshit (looking at you, Ghostbusters 2016).

I started writing primarily because no one else was writing the sorts of fiction I wanted to read (I mean, I’m into Japanese idols, slice of life, and yuri, that’s a pretty specific combo), but after 2016 I also decided that we really needed more people writing female characters that weren’t universally awful. I’ve been doing so ever since.

My favourite author is Sir Terry Pratchett (rest in peace, my man), and his particular style in the fabulous Discworld series is a large part of how my own style and voice as an author developed. I tend towards a similarly irreverent tone in my own work, at least as far as the lighter-hearted content goes.

Outside of my writing life, I’m into anime and games… as if this whole site wasn’t a massive hint on both of those. I especially love laid-back and relaxed anime like Aria the Animation, but I also enjoy most other genres. Gaming-wise, I’m into sandbox games these days, mostly the likes of Kenshi, Rimworld, Project Zomboid, and similar. I also enjoy a spot of JRPG. AAA games can take a leap off a tall building, however.

I enjoy some movies and live-action TV (with Babylon 5 being my favourite western TV show of all time), but mostly I stick to games and anime. Especially these days, when basically everything coming out now is woke trash.

Oh, and I’m a whore for trance and other electronic music. Check the menu up top for my recommendations for several types of music, as well as my own trance mixes.

Anyway, that’s a quick primer on who I am and what I like. I hope you enjoy my ramblings, and especially my books in the event you try them.

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